Darlene Photography.

I am Darlene Herren, owner of Darlene Photography.  I have been photographing weddings and portraiture for over 20 years.  A graduate of Columbia College in downtown Chicago, I created my own business right after graduation.  Within the past 20 years, I have expanded my family, business and style of photography, and have learned how to create images that tell stories.  I now reside on the Central Coast of California but travel to many locations to achieve the originality of my photography.

The expansion of my family led to the expansion of my business team.  My husband, Ron, now has joined the team of Darlene Photography.  He took my photos on this page as well as our campsite on the beach in Malibu.  We attend most all events and sessions together, giving our clients two perspectives of our unique style of photography.  With his computer background we have combined our knowledge in our professional worlds.  Where as most of our images are captured in the camera; a great knowledge of computer technique is a must in today's world of digital photography that does not change, but only enhance, the work we do as professionals.

Our Purpose...

 Our primary objective is to give you a wonderful photography experience that creates timeless, natural images.  We want our time together at your event or your session to be a very enjoyable time, and we strive not to interrupt the experiences you are having during that time.  We want you to have complete confidence that we will capture all your precious moments.  Posing is usually not necessary, but slight direction may be given to help you create images that will capture you at your best.

Our Ultimate Goal...

We ask ourselves all of the time, "Are we still enthused about our business?"  The answer is, "Absolutely!"  We have just celebrated over 22 years of being in business and truly feel we've never been in a better place in our business.  Everyone would like to capture and bottle-up those special moments in time, and for us that is what we would like to achieve for you through our images.  Strong imagery can be so powerful and bring such emotion.  Our ultimate goal is clear... we not only want you to view your images and like them, we hope to make those feelings once again return to you that you felt when they first were captured!